30 Sep

The Time I Got Pissed On in Manila

What’s your most traumatizing hostel story? One terrible night in Manila, I found myself christened into the Church of Norwegian Urine.

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26 Sep

The Ultimate Road Trip: Driving Australia’s Pacific Coast

When it comes to epic road trips, the drive up the Pacific Coast of Australia is hard to beat. With everything from beaches to shopping to wildlife, it’s hard to beat.

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23 Sep

Operation: Safari in Tanzania

This November I not only get to go on safari in Tanzania and potentially see the Great Migration, but I get to chill out on Zanzibar as well!

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22 Sep

Riding Motorbikes Around El Nido

El Nido in Palawan is best seen from the back of a motorbike. I take a whirlwind tour of the island, discover a quiet beach, and hike to a waterfall.

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17 Sep

Relationship Best Before: My Experience Expiry Dating

Dating on the road often becomes ‘expiry dating’, being with somebody you’ll have to say goodbye to. I discuss the phenomenon and offer advice on surviving.

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16 Sep

Travel Daydream: Zanzibar

In a very special edition of travel daydream, I get to talk about Zanzibar, the Tanzanian island paradise where I’ll be spending a few days later this year.

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15 Sep

Review: Kensington KeyFolio Executive Mobile Organiser

In the first of a new series of reviews, I give the Kensington KeyFolio Executive Mobile Organiser the once over and find it delightful.

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12 Sep

Five Dream Road Trips

The humble road trip is a fantastic way to see a country from top to bottom, and I highlight five countries that I think are best seen through road trips.

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11 Sep

R U OK? A Personal Experience

As Australia participates in R U OK Day and Australians pause to ask “Are you okay?”, I reflect on a time when those three words made a difference to me.

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10 Sep

Bucket List Focus: A Whirlwind Romance on the Road

Romances on the road are a dime a dozen, but here’s my tale of something approaching romance while on Boracay.

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