20 Nov

Aussie on Safari: Preview

Aussie on the Road is going on safari for the next two weeks, and you’re invited! Get all of the need to know info before we hit the road!

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19 Dec

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travelers

Still looking for that last minute gift for your traveler? I’ve got a few gift ideas for the traveler in your life.

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18 Dec

7 Reasons to Visit Australia This Winter

When it’s cold and miserable up in the Northern Hemisphere, an escape to Australia makes perfect sense! Here are 7 reasons to convince you.

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17 Dec

Prescription Refill: Travel

Depression and anxiety are more common than ever, but Laura Vaisman has the prescription to get you out of your funk: travel!

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15 Dec

Five of the Best Australian Camping Spots

Australia is a haven for fans of the great outdoors, and here I highlight five of the best camping spots in the Land Dowunder.

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15 Dec

First Impressions of Tanzania: From Nairobi to Arusha

On the long and dusty ride from Nairobi to Arusha, I’m given a chance to form my own first impressions of Tanzania. It’s not quite as The Lion King depicted it, but it’s something to behold.

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09 Dec

10 Tips for Getting the Best Travel Deals in 2015

Top Ten Tips for Getting The Best Travel Deals in 2015 People often ask me how I manage to afford to travel as often and as far as I do. In some cases, like my recent trip to Tanzania, I’ve been lucky enough to land the trip partially subsidized as part of a media tour. […]

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03 Dec

Haunting a Resort: The Other Ebola Victims

While traveling in Tanzania, I saw first hand how Ebola and poor geography have impacted upon the country’s vital tourism industry.

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18 Nov

Exploring Thailand: A Eurasian’s Show!

Monica of My Overseas Adventure brings her unique Eurasian perspective to her exploration of Thailand in this engaging post.

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17 Nov

Recommended Reads – November 2014

The November edition of Recommended Reads includes Greece, Australia, and plenty of travel inspiration to motivate you to get up and see it all.

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