29 Jul

The Best Western Food in Nanjing

Whether you’re here as an expat, a student, or just visiting for the Nanjing Youth Olympics, here’s your comprehensive guide to the best western food in Nanjing.

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26 Jul

Advice I’d Give My 18 Year Old Self

I recently found an old online journal written by my 18 year old self. With a mix of love and sadness, I send some advice back across the gulf of time.

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22 Jul

6 Things to do in Nanjing

A list of six of the best things to do in Nanjing, the former southern capital of China.

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16 Jul

Theme Park Review: Happy Valley Chengdu, China

We pay a visit to Happy Valley Chengdu and find that it is possible to have a less than great time at a theme park. #TIC.

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14 Jul

Recommend Reads: July Edition

Ten (well, eleven) of the best travel blog posts I’ve read so far in the month of July. From sadness to self improvement, Thailand to Portland.

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11 Jul

Why Canada?

Why should you visit Canada? Jade from Our Oyster has some pretty choice reasons why Canada should be on your To Do List.

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10 Jul

Cutting the Luggage Fee Budget

Luggage fees can be a real nightmare when you’re operating on a tight budget. Here are a few handy tips on how to minimize those unnecessary costs.

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01 Jul

4 Mongolian Travel Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss

Tom from Five Dollar Traveler chimes in with his favourite experiences from Mongolia. Don’t leave these off your own Mongolian to do list!

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30 Jun

My Favourite Memories from China

My time in China draws to a close, and I take a moment to reflect on my favourite memories from my two years here.

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