20 Nov

Aussie on Safari: Preview

Aussie on the Road is going on safari for the next two weeks, and you’re invited! Get all of the need to know info before we hit the road!

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18 Nov

Exploring Thailand: A Eurasian’s Show!

Monica of My Overseas Adventure brings her unique Eurasian perspective to her exploration of Thailand in this engaging post.

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17 Nov

Recommended Reads – November 2014

The November edition of Recommended Reads includes Greece, Australia, and plenty of travel inspiration to motivate you to get up and see it all.

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14 Nov

The Pursuit of Happiness

Is travel the pursuit of happiness? Or is it the pursuit of distractions while we put off actually finding it?

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12 Nov

Why I’m Not Worried About Catching Ebola in Tanzania

Whenever I tell somebody I’m going to Tanzania, they immediately ask “Are you worried about Ebola?” I’ve got 99 problems, but Ebola in Tanzania ‘ain’t one.

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11 Nov

Discovering Italy with My Wanderlust World

Niki from My Wanderlust World shares her favourite parts of Italy with a dash of romance and deliciousness.

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10 Nov

5 Unpleasant Experiences Every Traveler Should Have

Being a traveler isn’t all exotic beaches and ancient sites. Sometimes shit happens, but these unpleasant experiences needn’t be the end of the world.

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06 Nov

A Dream Weekend in Sydney

People often ask me how I’d spend my dream weekend in Sydney. Ask no more! Beaches and Bridges and Mountains, Oh My!

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05 Nov

More Than Just Wine – Food in Broke Fordwich

There’s more to the Broke Fordwich Wine Region than just wine. I explore the abundance of options when it comes to food in Broke.

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03 Nov

Preparing for Tanzania: Visas, Immunisations, and more!

A rough and ready guide to preparing for Tanzania, including Tanzanian visa and vaccination/immunisation information.

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