11 Jul

Why Canada?

Why should you visit Canada? Jade from Our Oyster has some pretty choice reasons why Canada should be on your To Do List.

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10 Jul

Cutting the Luggage Fee Budget

Luggage fees can be a real nightmare when you’re operating on a tight budget. Here are a few handy tips on how to minimize those unnecessary costs.

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01 Jul

4 Mongolian Travel Experiences You Don’t Want to Miss

Tom from Five Dollar Traveler chimes in with his favourite experiences from Mongolia. Don’t leave these off your own Mongolian to do list!

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30 Jun

My Favourite Memories from China

My time in China draws to a close, and I take a moment to reflect on my favourite memories from my two years here.

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26 Jun

24 Hours in London

Wondering how to spend 24 hours in London? I highlight a few of the best bits to hit in a single day in the city.

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24 Jun

The 10 Things I’ll Miss About Life in China

I’m not going to lie: I’m not going to miss life in China as much as I should, but here are ten things about life in China that I’ll look back upon fondly.

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22 Jun

“Too Much Carry On” – My Travel Electronics Must Haves

What travel electronics are essential when you’re on the road? I run down my entirely too large list.

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20 Jun

More Than Sydney: Other Reasons to Visit NSW

New South Wales is Australia’s most populous state, but many travelers known it only as ‘Sydney’. I highlight five more reasons to visit NSW.

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11 Jun

Where to in 2015?

2015 gives me an opportunity to take my ESL teaching career to a whole new place. Where should I go? I need your help!

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